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Sustainability at BPM

People, processes and equipment drive major energy savings at BPM

Our Story

BPM has launched aggressive energy-saving efforts and continues to investigate new technologies to find more ways to save energy throughout our mill.  We are consistently improving equipment operations efficiency and preventative maintenance procedures.

From our efforts, we have saved over a million kilowatt-hours of electricity and thousands of therms of natural gas annually.  We also look for ways to help our customers make a difference in their paper usage.  You and your business can help save trees, reduce landfill space, lower wastewater usage, decrease greenhouse gases, and minimize energy consumption by utilizing our 100% PCW recycled paper, Envirographic™ 100.

BPM Inc's environmental citizenship includes the conservation of natural resources and exploring new opportunities to protect the air we breathe and the land on which we live.

BPM will continue to develop innovative fiber-based solutions to meet our customer's and industry needs.  Reach out to discuss your specific needs.

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