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Barrier Papers

Ice Cream Jacket Paper
Meat Interleaver
Interfold and Sandwich Wrap
Baking Cup Stock
Candy/Confectionery Wrap
Butter Wrap
Ice Cream Wrap
Souffle Cup Stock

BPM offers the complete package when it comes to papers and value-added options for flexible packaging markets. Paper-making, coating, waxing, and printing are part of BPM's manufacturing portfolio.  The range of products runs from confectionery paper to wet-strength paper.  In between is a myriad of products, including interleaving paper, sandwich wrap, twisting papers, dual-surfaced colored paper, and foil laminating base stock.

Throughout this range, BPM concentrates developmental efforts on those products where something special can be added, which increases the value to the product offering.  This difference might be in the ability to do in-line coatings, provide special colors, or perfect an application that requires unique printing capabilities.  BPM's goal is to produce a custom product that enhances the customer's process.

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