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BPM manufactures 3 main types of interleaver paper; meat, cheese and dough.  Our mills are SQF level 2 certified for food packaging. 

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Cheese Interleaver

Quality Any Way You Slice It

  • Flat sheet delivery creates enhanced productivity on converted equipment.  

  • Stable sheet properties reduce jamming and provide full control of an unsupported sheet.

  • Excellent handling characteristics due to targeted porosity for single sheet pick-up.

  • Multiple wax and paperweight combinations provide targeted release characteristics.

  • Suitable for slice separation in packaged cheese and delicatessen applications.

Meat Interleaver

Food Grade Paper

  • Great wet strength.

  • Water repellency.

  • All substrates meet established food-grade cleanliness requirements.

  • Freeze-release.

  • Flavor barrier.

  • Tear-resistant.

  • Sanitary handling.

  • High coefficient of friction (COF) for stable stacking.

meat interleaver.jpg
cookie dough.jpg

Dough Interleaver

Interleave Paper for Raw and Par-Baked Dough

At BPM, we understand the importance of taste-tested recipes and hours of perfecting your doughs.  Presenting and packaging your fine bakery products requires interleave material that provides superior freeze-release, stiffness, traceability and consistent run-ability.

BPM is a vertically integrated manufacturer of interleaver papers for the bakery industry.  We produce the FDA grade papers, custom coat, slit and package - all at one location.  In this way, we maintain food safety standards with excellent consistency.

We work to understand the packaging requirements of the bakery industry.  Our interleaver papers have been developed with your priorities in mind; quality interleaving, clean cutting, superior freeze-release and consistent performance.  

Standard Product Offering:

  • 35# Wet Wax Interleave

  • 40# Wet Wax Interleave

  • Additional grades made to your specification.

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