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BPM manufactures quality, responsibly-made papers for food packaging, confectionery wraps, interleaver papers, taffy wrap, overwraps and a range of flexible packaging. The company also provides custom printing, converting and rewinding to make BPM your sole provider for your packaging needs.  Read More...

Additionally, BPM manufactures 100% post consumer recycled fine papers for commercial printing, offices, schools and business applications.  Envirographic 100 papers are available in a wide range of basis weights, rolls, folio sizes, cut size and colors.  Read More...


715-582-4551  |  800-826-0494

Certifications & Affiliations

BPM is a leading manufacturer of specialty papers and converted materials for the packaging, food service and confectionery industries. BPM provides full-service toll printing and in-house capabilities to add coating to flexible packaging products. The environmentally-focused paper mill also produces uncoated fine papers, Envirographic™ 100 made from 100% post consumer waste recycled paper for the printing industry.

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BPM Paper maintains Green Masters status - 4/05/2019

BPM celebrates Earth Day by providing cleaning supplies to local schools - 4/22/2019

BPM joins Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association as a supplier - 10/16/2020