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Salt water taffy is not just a summertime treat anymore!

As the largest supplier of  twist-wrap papers for taffy,  BPM has watched taffy’s transition from a vacation novelty to  a more mainstream, year-round snack.  And why not?  It’s delicious!


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Taffy Wrap


BPM is pleased to be a part of the growth in the salt water taffy market.  We have developed high-quality single-piece packaging that will run well on all cut and wrap equipment; Rose Forgrove,  GD,  Model K, and others. Our pledge is to provide higher productivity,  cost effectiveness, fewer rejects, and just a better looking piece of wrapped taffy.

At BPM, we have the resources to improve on a form of packaging that dates back generations.  We begin on our #1 paper machine where we produce twist-grade paper that was developed specifically for taffy wrap.  

We apply just the right amount of wax to the paper to ensure that your taffy stays fresh and clean. Finally, we bag and package our rolls of taffy wrap for maximum shelf life.


We are also particularly proud of our custom printed wrap because it matches the pride that you have in your product when you put your name on the outside.

To request samples or more information, please feel free to contact BPM at 800-826-0494 or

We are also happy to answer any questions you may have about our company and other packaging papers.

Taffy Wrap

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