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Why use Recycled paper?

Using Envirographic 100 recycled copy paper is an eco-friendly paper choice because it is re-made from used
paper (post consumer waste - pcw) that has been re-purposed at a recycling facility. This can include someone's
copy paper, direct mail, envelopes, statements, shredded materials and other recycled papers. The benefits of using
100% recycled copy paper is the "closing the loop" process which diverts used paper waste from landfills and returns
it to the paper manufacturing stream. This process saves green house gas emissions, wastewater, net energy
and trees.

See for yourself on how much natural resources you save by buying Envirographic 100 Paper compaped to Non Recycled paper

A typical 100 sheets of Envirographic 100 paper would weigh around 1 pound

Envirographic 100 Paper Environmental Impact Calculator

Envirographic 100 Paper Non-Recycled Paper
% Recycled 100 0
Wood Use (in Tons)
Net Energy (in million BTU)
Green House Gases (in pounds of C02 equiv.)
Water Consumption (in gallons)
Solid Wastes (in pounds)
Hazardous Air Pollution (in pounds)


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