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At BPM, we understand the importance of taste-tested recipes and hours of perfecting your doughs.

Presenting and packaging your fine bakery products requires interleave material that provides superior freeze-release, stiffness, traceability and consistent run-ability.

BPM is a vertically integrated manufacturer of interleave papers for the bakery industry. We produce the FDA grade papers, custom coat, slit and package – all at one location. In this way, we maintain food safety standards with excellent consistency.

We work to understand the packaging requirements of the bakery industry. Our interleave papers have been developed with your priorities in mind: quality interleave, clean cutting, superior freeze-release and consistent performance. We have chosen the American Institute of Baking (AIB) as our primary third-party audit firm.


Standard Product Offering:

-35# Wet Wax Interleave

-40# Wet Wax Interleave

-Additional grades made to your specification

To request samples or more information, please feel free to contact BPM at 800-826-0494 or


Interleave Paper for Raw and Par-Baked Dough

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