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BPM has years of experience in slitting and rewinding our materials.  Our in house capabilites allow us to maximize production speed and speed time to delivery.  BPM broad platform of in house manufacturing capabilities provide flexibility for your needs, increasing speed to the market. 

Many flexible packaging products produced by BPM rely on our precision rewinders.  Rolls from 1" to 76" wide can be rewound with diameters up to 60".

Slitting Capabilites include:

> High Speed duplex and simplex slitters
> Narrow width capabilities
> Wide web slitters for the greatest efficiency
> Sheer and score cuts
>Consistent side wall alignment

Rewinding Capabilites include:
> Large OD roll to roll
> 3, 5, and 6" ID Cores
> Maximize footage/roll with tight wind

Slitting and Rewinding Capabilities